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PLAYBOOK is a global professional learning network for career-driven women professionals and female founders. 

With our powerful masterclasses, exclusive LIVE events, insightful resident mentorship programme, leading job boards, toolkit of resources and unlimited perks - our learning design and community advances women into leadership roles and supports them in unblocking their challenges to growth 👩🏻‍💻

Our all-inclusive membership connects individuals to an expansive network that inspires, champions and elevates them on their career journey. 👩🏽‍🎓


Members Can...

📲 Build Their Personal Playbook

Strategise your own personalised Playbook that maps out your career blueprint and build a tribe around you that champions, advises and connects you to the right resources to achieve your goals.

🗂 Accelerate Their Career

Hack your way to success. Save Time. Navigate Challenges. Learn from the Playbook of phenomenal women. The Campus makes life easier so that you have more time to focus on strategic things and personal time off.

📢 Amplify Their Network

Hunting for solutions in books, podcasts, articles, multiple platforms and still unable to get unstuck? Network with experts, learn how to personally brand yourself and turn a community of ambitious, career-driven women into your little black book. Join micro communities that are goal focused and led with intention of growth and support.

🌍 Access Global Expert Mentors

Book 1:1 mentorship and executive coaching slots with our resident mentors and receive personalised guidance to map your way through the journey of your career and business.

How to Join Us

Join our network as an Individual or have your Corporate Teams on-boarded. 

🎬 Watch unlimited masterclasses across over 10 different categories and 20 different industries delivered by 150+ Women Leaders and earn certificates of completion 🏅

Learn and network - anywhere, anytime!

Incredible women leaders and working professionals have already joined our network - Ministers, Investors, CEOs, Founders, C-Suite Professionals, Directors, Educators and more.

You could be one of them.